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At South East Fire and Rescue we are proud to offer a range of services. Using high-spec vehicles and equipment, crewed by highly skilled firefighters. Here are some of the services we can provide.


Event Fire & Medical Cover

No matter how big or small your event is, we can provide you with the appropriate crew and vehicles to ensure your event is 'Fire Safe'. We will produce a bespoke fire resource plan and risk assessment which can form part of your event management plan. We will also sit in on any Safety Advisory Group meetings prior to your event.

Industrial Fire Cover

Site outage? Routine maintenance? We are able to provide crews for any industrial fire cover. We pride ourselves on our crews being proactive and not just reactive. Routine hot spot checks using thermal imaging cameras helps ensure any risk is found before it escalates.


TV & Film Fire Cover

South East Fire and Rescue have a vast number of highly experienced firefighters that have worked in the TV/Film industry behind the scenes. We can provide fire safety preparations and management on-site.

Motorsport Fire Cover

We can provide full motorsport rescue cover on and off the road. From vehicle stabilisation to full casualty extrication we have the appropriately trained crew to ensure your event participants are in safe hands.


Resilience Cover

All our vehicles are equipped to be able to assist with flooding and storm related incidents. We also have experienced crew members that can assist with wildfires. All our resources are readily available. 


We are fortunate to have a pool of qualified trainers. We can meet your fire safety training needs. Such as fire extinguisher use with our training rig. We can also provide trainers for medical course refreshers up to FREC3 level.

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